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High heat cooking troubles

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  • High heat cooking troubles

    Tonight I tried steaks on my KJ Classic for the first time. The steaks were pretty thin, only about 1/2 inch i think, ribeyes. I put one of the grates in the low positions and left one on high. I brought the KJ up to 600 degrees, with the bottom vent full open, and the top slider 3/4 open. When I put the steaks on the flames were just roaring away. I put the steaks on the lower grate first. I closed the lid when I put the steaks on, and then flipped them after two minutes. I knew since they were so thin they would cook fast. The thing that bothered me was that the flames were just too much....I felt like the cook was getting away from me. There were points where the fat on the steaks was literally catching fire. I moved the steaks up to the upper level after a total of 4 mins. I should have pulled the steaks off the grill then, but I let them go for about another two minutes. I shut the bottom vent about 3/4 the way, and closed the slider, but left the wheel full open. I noticed the heat seemed to maintain around the 550-600 mark, but the flames went down. At this point I had way overcooked the steaks. I like medium rare, but they turned out more medium well. I was really disappointed I botched them up.
    My question is, what is the secret to maintaining high sear temps, but keeping it to where you don't have some roaring, out of control fire? I never experienced this using briquettes in my old grill, and I am new to using the lump charcoal. Thanks.
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    1/2 inch thick steaks and high temps are hard to do, without over cooking. If I am doing direct like that, I do about 1 minute and them flip them over for another minute, then back again for about 30 seconds. They come out just fine with this method but I like my steaks on the rare side of med rare. I have found it very difficult to get good results with thin steaks without getting very close to the coals. I actually remove the D&C and place the grates right on the fire ring, I have the CI grates for good sear marks. I also like to close the top vent down enough to keep the temps up but the flames down.