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What am I doing wrong?

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  • What am I doing wrong?

    Trying to stay between 250-275 daisy wheele is completely closed bottom vent is in the pic and I'm at 400 right now?

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    Not waiting long enough and not closing the bottom vent. The temp will drop.


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      What do u mean by not waiting long enough? Should I wait till all coals are lit? Till it looks like moultan lava?


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        The way I do it is open both top and bottom vent completely and light the left side of the lump, Once the fire starts I close the lid and wait till temp reaches 150 - 175, then I close the lid and close the bottom vent to 1 inch and the top vent closed with half of the holes showing open, Once the temp then reads 200 - 225 i close the bottom vent to about a 3/4 inch. your grill should settle in at that point, if you need to make any further adjustments do it on the Top vent only. And do not close it completely
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          To be clear, while cooking, there should never be a scenario where the top vent is fully closed. The smoke, fire has no way to properly vent. But, to restate JaxxQ, you allowed the fire to get too big in the beginning and maybe, lit too many spots. Follow his instructions and you should be fine. The 1inch - 3/4 inch are guidelines- it may be more or less depending on how big your fire is getting.

          Jdecapua23 is referring to waiting long enough for your temp to come down. There are a few posts that address how to reduce the temp on a kamado fairly quickly however, imo, you don't want to do that with food on the grill


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            For 250 daisy wheel should be half open and bottom vent around 1/8" open. Then control from there with bottom vent. You will never get the temperature down from 400 so close everything wait until it has cooled down and start over.