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New here, my first post, I have questions please

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  • New here, my first post, I have questions please

    New here, just call me Rich. This is my first post.

    I'm on the verge of buying a KJ Classic II. I think any day now. I have a couple question.

    Do you guy recommend a first time practice run using no food?

    Do you always fill the KJ all the way up with lump even if you are only going to grill a couple buggers?

    Probably one of the first uses of my KJ will be "smash burgers" I watch a video on this on line. What difference can I expect in the buggers by doing them in the KJ as opposed to on a stove with very hot cast Iron pan?

    I live in Alaska. I'll be using my KJ in very cold weather, at times (10-20 degrees). Can I do this, any special instructions?

    I'll have more question later lol

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    You have the perfect opportunity to play with the vents and do smash burgers. Light the grill and try to tune it in to 225 using the vents and keep it there about 30 minutes, then try 350 and 450. Once you have those locked in, open the vents and the lid and let the KJ do it's thing and make your smashburgers. Tell us how they are different than on the stove.

    I always add fresh lump, but you will be surprised how little the grill uses.