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  • Overnight cooking

    Am about to pull the trigger on a big joe. This will be my first kamado cooker. But I am courous if anyone has done an overnight stew to be served as lunch (specifically, has anyone cooked a cholent)? If so any tricks /tips I should be aware of?

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    The first few times you overnight, you'll probably be up pretty often, especially being new to the grill.
    fill it full with charcoal...full!
    I highly recommend a remote thermometer, like the Maverick that has a temp alarm. That way you can get some sleep.
    this is what you save you bigger chunks of charcoal for. If all goes well, temp will be fairly steady. If the charcoal doesn't settle well, you will g get a few temp swings.
    i recommend getting the grill up to temp and letting it go for an hour for long cooks before adding food.


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      Hoping some MOTs can help with any cholent advice. Thanks.