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What items/accessories do you like the most?

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  • What items/accessories do you like the most?

    Hey there everyone,

    I am here to (hopefully) find some advice about accessories for the Kamado Joe Junior.
    Good friends of mine are going to marry, they have been through a lot, and me + friends + family have put together a good amount of money to buy a kamado joe jr for them. We also made a table to fit it in, but still have money left (we are with many ). Because they have had hard times we all feel like really giving something nice.

    So I have been asked me to find some good accessories to go with it. I do not want to buy useless things so I am hoping that you guys can help me a bit here.
    What items are awesome to give? And what items do you use the most when cooking on your kamado joe? (jr)
    They will use it a lot for quiet together time, so we think two person sized things would be best.

    I was thinking about a dutch oven, and noticed that the lodge L8DD3 fits, and has a lid that can be used as a skillet. Is that a good one to give? Or would you advice something else? Maybe a couple of smaller sized ones?
    I was also thinking about smoking, and vegetable cooking, fish, potatoes and meat.
    But I really have no experience with this type of cooking so, advice would be awesome

    Which accessories do you use a lot on your kamado? What comes in handy, and what is absolutely useful to have?

    Thanks a lot in advance I am very excited about giving all of this to them, they will love it.

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    Hey again everyone!
    I was thinking about buying the following, and I would love your thoughts about it:

    Kick ash basket suitable for Joe Jr:
    - so that the heat deflector can go lower, to create more space above
    - for the obvious practical reasons

    lodge logic L8DD3:
    - should fit in the Joe Jr right?
    - the lid can be used as well
    - could fit even easier if heat deflector is lowered? (is this really the case?)

    And a Grill dome grill extender:
    Although for some reason the 'small' does not exist in my country, only the 'Benjamin', which is annoying because they do not give sizes. So I am not sure if it will fit.

    Does this combo of items make sense?

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      You, your friends, and your family are all wonderful people for doing this for these people, but in my opinion, I would save the accessories until they've figure out how to use this grill (and they will), and maybe give them something to cook on it? The aforementioned fish, vegetables and meat, perhaps?

      I've been into grilling for a long time, and while it's my hobby, there's always someone who wants to give me a new set of "grilling tools" that either sit unused by me, or get donated to a charity by me.

      The dutch oven, Kickash basket, and extender are all great products, but why not give them a selection of things they are going to want to cook, or the means to get things they want to cook. A pack of nice cut meats from a butcher, maybe frozen if they can't cook right away. Perhaps a membership to a food co-op or community supported agriculture if that's a thing near you. Heck, how about a bacon of the month club, because everything's better with bacon?

      Just my $.02.


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        I like my kickash basket as much as anything I have bought for my big joe makes things easier to clean


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          Not strictly for the Junior but if they don't already have an instant read thermometer I'd get them one.

          Either this one:

          or this one:


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            I haven't got the Junior, I bought myself a multikitchen
            and I'm completely satisfied. It has a lot of functions and one of them is grill. So, you can cook everything you want and whenever you want regardless of the weather. Perhaps that's the best purchase for the last time


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              Soap stone, cast iron grates, Grillgrates, Divide and conquer system, thermapen, kick ash basket, pizza stone, dutch oven. There are the accesories I strongly recommend KJ is looking into more accessories for the junior is what I have been told. Stay tuned!


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                Hi Karen, I agree with HeavyG above about getting an instant read thermometer. I own 2 kamado grills (including a Big Joe) and the one item I use for just about all my cooks is an instant read thermometer. I own the Thermapen by Thermoworks and absolutely love it! It's a little more expensive than some of it's competitors, but when it comes to giving a quick & accurate read of your meat's internal temp, it's the best on the market.


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                  I just got a big joe and have a question about cast iron grill. What size should I get? it appears that I could use the 24 inch grill or I have seen some people use a smaller size (I think the 18") and put that further down by the fire? I also saw a post about a different kind of grate, and was would like someone's opinion.

                  I going to be purchasing the following,
                  Grill expander
                  Rib Rack
                  Pizza stone
                  Digital wireless temp (maverick ET-73)
                  and I have several cast iron pans.

                  Also, when I got the grill, one of the deflector plates was broken off on a corner. I think I am going to replace it, it will probably work but has about 1/2 dollar bill size chunk out of it and I think I would want the heat to evenly go around the deflector plate vice run up this hole. With that, could I use these two as my pizza stone or should I just get a separate stone?
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                    I would use them as your Pizza stone. I had one of my diffuser plates break and you can only buy them as a set so I do my Pizza with the diffuser plates on the X rack, put my broken set on the main grill and then space my regular Pizza stone about 1 inch above the broken plates with some copper pipe fittings. I have found this method gives me the best combination of cooked toppings and crisp crust. I had problems getting the toppings done to my satisfaction without burning the bottom, until I went with the spacer method.


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                      I wouldn't look for many, if any, JoeJR accessories from Kamado Joe.