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Potential new guy with question about Kamado equipment

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  • Potential new guy with question about Kamado equipment

    Hello everbody. I'm a long time cooker and short time BGE owner, and I have the opportunity to buy a 2013 Kamado Joe for what I think is a really good price.
    I was hoping you guys could tell me how the 2013 model came equipped. Was the divide and conquer standard equipment in 2013, or was there any kind of heat diffuser that came with the grill?
    I've tried asking the lady selling it but she knows next to nothing about what I am trying to ask, but she said it still has everything that it came with when they bought it.
    What can I expect to get with this purchase?

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    I am not sure, I'm sure someone one here will know, but I think that was before the D&C setup. It would have the full size grill and one piece diffuser plate.


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      You might have an ash tray, might not. It will have a stand unless they bought a stand alone. There is really nothing else it came with standard at that time that was different. The heat deflector was an add-on.

      I stand corrected. Heat deflector was part of it. I'm thinking of something else I purchased with it.
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        Heat deflectors were always included in the package. It also has the cart and side shelves (unless it is a stand alone), grill gripper and the charcoal poker tool.


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          Heat deflector: Yes
          Divide and Conquer: No. It came out in 2014-2015 can't remember.
          Ash tray: maybe


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            Grill gripper and charcoal poker are also included
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