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Got a Joe, built a table, here's my story...

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  • Got a Joe, built a table, here's my story...

    As a new Kamado Joe owner, I thought I’d share my experiences in case it will help others.

    I chose a Kamado Joe Classic Stand-Alone as I wanted to use a table and I like the look of the Stainless accents better than the standard version. I wanted to build a huge elaborate table, but with winter looming, I knew I wouldn't have time since my temporary shop is my 2 car garage, so I constructed a simple table that will suffice until I can build my ultimate table.

    I ordered my Joe from BBQGuys for $999, with free delivery. The shipping company sucked in many ways, but it eventually arrived as promised and undamaged. I put it together and it waited for my table to be ready.

    I built a table that was 59"x29"x36 (including 3 1/2" swivel urethane locking casters). The table is made of pine and finished in Minwax Gunstock stain with 3 coats of Helmsman Spar Urethane. As this is only a temporary table for me, I decided pine made the most sense from cost perspective, and the fact that my table will be covered and under my covered patio when not in use, given the finish I applied, it should be fine as far as exposure to the elements goes. I used a Kreg HD pocket screw jig to build the frame of the table. I then used the standard Kreg pocket screw jig for the 2 1/2 indoor/outdoor screws to secure the boards for the surfaces. Both are awesome tools! My uncle is a cabinet maker and had a template made to cut the 23" hole for the grill with his router, which came out way better than I could have managed with a jig saw! After all the finish was done, I added a 16"x16" paver block for under the grill, and a 18"x18" floor tile on the working surface (I was gonna recess this, but decided to keep it simple). I put the Joe in the table yesterday with the help of my neighbor and did my first cook (grilled pork loin) that night.

    I finished it all off with a cover from Creative Accessories on Amazon. It appears to be of excellent quality and fits exactly as stated. FYI, the center of the dome area of the cover is 17" from what would be the short side of the table.

    Here are some pics for anyone interested. If anyone has questions, I will do my best to answer. I loaded all the pics in the right order, but now that they are loaded, i see the order is all jacked up. Oh well, I tried.

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    looks fantastic; great job!


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      No reason for that to be temporary. It's nice.


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        Thanks for the kind words. I ultimately want some drawers (one for cooking tools, one for accessory storage, and a tall bin for charcoal), and make it out of cedar for longevity. Right now everything lives in a plastic bin on the bottom shelf, and I just can't have it. LOL.

        Something along these lines with another drawer under the grill where the open space is...


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          curious if you are happy with the table/grill height? I'm looking to build one and trying to gauge what the go-to height is.


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            Absolutely beautiful Neo! Welcome to the Joe club!


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              Shamrox, sorry just seeing this now as I am not on here so much. Yes, I am very happy with the height. I was worried it would be a little to high and make grilling surface a bit awkward, but that is definitely not the case. I am 6' and have not had any issues whatsoever. The height of the table and the grilling surface seem perfectly functional and reasonable. I just added a larger storage drawer on the bottom (50"w x 22"d x 7"h) for all the large occasional used items (pizza stone, rib rack, etc...) and will upload pics soon.