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  • Seasoings for burgers

    So everytime I go on-line to buy more charcoal I always end up viewing the seasonings and sauces. Does anyone have a favorite for burgers? Not something I can pick up at shop rite I'm talking an outta this world brand that can be found on-line. Thanks

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    Garlic salt, pepper , and worchestire sause. That's all you need. I've never found a packaged spice that is as good.
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      I subscribe to Aaron Franklin's secret seasoning for brisket, pulled pork, steaks, anything you want to cook ... 1/2 kosher salt, 1/2 black pepper!! Mix it well, pinch for each side, heaven!!! Whether you do Bubba Burgers, make the patties, buy them pre-made, Omaha Steaks ... all irrelevant, Aaron's seasoning is awesome! Try it before adding garlic or anything else, if you do not like it, add seasonings one at a time until you find what works for you, that is the right way to find your comfort zone. Only my opinion!! Hope this helps.


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        I'm a big fan of Weber's seasoning, they use high quality ingredients and freeze dry them for sterilization instead of heating them; this preserves the natural oils in the spices and makes them more flavorful. I also love McCormick's steakhouse onion burger seasoning on a grilled burger, it tastes like an old skool BK flame broiled burger to me and I love that taste. You don't have to order stuff online to get good spices. To be honest, a lot of this $9/bottle stuff people rave about is garbage IMO; seems like they have to justify their purchase and tell people it's great. I've got over 50 bottles of various spices in my cupboard and the only ones I've got that I can't buy locally and think are worth the money are by Code3Spices, Plowboy's, and Oakridge BBQ.


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          grab some montreal steak seasoning. it is exceptional on burgers


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            I use this rub recipe for burgers:

            2 t. paprika
            1 1/2 t. black pepper
            1 1/4 t. salt
            1/2 t. dark brown sugar
            1/4 t. garlic powder
            1/4 t. onion powder
            1/4 t. ground cayenne pepper


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              My fav recipe by Jamie Olive: 500 g quality minced beef, 8 sprigs of fresh flat-leaf parsley, 12 Jacob's cream crackers, Dijon mustard, 1 large free-range egg, olive oil, 1 cos or round lettuce, 3 ripe tomatoes, red onion, 3-4 gherkins, 6 slices of Cheddar cheese and 6 burger buns. I keep them in special food containers that I found here I like to take these burgers to work. Delicious!