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    I went back to Kitchens and Co today. Some of you may remember Fumba posted a great deal on kamado she on here in late march and I scored a Big Joe there. When I picked the Joe up over a month ago I didn't pick up a joetisserie. I don't know why. But it gave me an excuse to go back today. This place is wonderful. When you walk in the first dept is the BBQ dept. they have treagers, Weber, kettles, and a full array of Green Eggs and Joes. They have an exceptional variety of accessories. Grill grates, KABs, (dang, I forgot to pick up a KAB for Big Joe), Joe and egg accessories, BBQ dragon etc. they also have quite a selection of lump. Some I was familiar with, some I was not. I was very impressed that next to each pallet of lump they have a metal bucket with some of that brands lump in it. So you can see, feel, smell it. Never seen that before. Picked up Some meat church rubs. Some glasses, as I broke a few when I moved a while back. Then I inquired about the joetisserie for the Big Joe. I found the one for the classic, but not the Big Joe. So I thought I may be disappointed. Nope. Vincent went and grabbed it for me and put it right at the register so I could continue shopping. Then I got some help from Susan who was also wonderful as well. Then the girl who helped me load up the Big Joe a few weeks back recognized me and approached me. She was so helpful. I forgot her name. Shame on me. She asked about the Joe and we talked about lump a bit when she said they had just pulled a few broken bags off the sales floor that were being discounted. I got a great deal and a variety of charcoal to try out with my new rubs and rotisserie. Iirc I got fogo, green egg, KJ big block, basques maple, rock wood and wicked good weekend. For the love of God she even helped me load it into my car. Great person. I can't believe I forgot her name. I love this place. They seem to be east coast and there are not too many of them but my is worth the hour drive every now and then. The store just makes me happy. If you live near one I hope you visit and enjoy as much as I did. If you live in NE the Newington Nh one is a joy to visit.