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  • Joe Jr question

    How big of a pork butt, or how big of a brisket, can you cook on the Joe Jr? Thinking of getting one for camping.

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    You have 13 inches of grate space to work with, so go figure from there. Take a tape measure to the store or butcher shop when you go. I have done pork butts on the JoeJR, but you are never going to fit a brisket on it, unless it is a small point or flat. That's not really what the JoeJR is marketed for.


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      yeah, I figured as much. Just curious as to what other's experience can tell me about smoking pork butts / shoulders more than anything else.


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        I think this Pork Shoulder I did on a JoeJR was about 7 pounds.....


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          I did a 9 pound butt once. It was a tight fit but the dome thermometer still cleared the butt.

          The only issue I had was that I wish I had rotated the butt about halfway thru the cook as one side was clearly hit by more heat.

          It turned out ok but I doubt that I'll cook another butt that large in my Jr.


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            I was able to fit a 8lb on mine just fine. All cuts are different, so I'd suggest to do what Andy said and go from there. Better to be safe than sorry. Happy smoking!!


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              The jr is great but to appreciate what it can and can't do you have to have the classic or big joe. once you understand this then you will better understand what the Jr will do. It's just a smaller version for when you want to do smaller cooks. It has advantages such as quicker to heat and less charcoal. It wouldn't be my first choice but would be my second choice when adding it to my setup.