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  • Tri Tip Spin

    Spun a Tri Tip over some Red Oak.

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    Nice spin Dave. I haven't done a TT in a long time, and have never spun one. I always grilled them hot & fast to about 120*F. It's a great cut of meat, but has gott'en way over priced as it's popularity continues to grow. The last I bought was $7.99 and I could have picked up a choice angus prime rib for $6.99. I think that is what has turned me away from them.


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      Thinking its time for Andy to do a TT on the Joetisserie!!!


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        Thanks Andy. This is my second one that I have spun. The first one was smaller so I put it in the basket. This one was just big enough that I could skip the basket. Both turned out great. I spun this one at 425 until the IT reached 130-135. Gwen likes hers more done so she gets the end pieces and I get the middle. Seems to be a good compromise. This was a particularly large one so we will be having French Dip this week. I agree the price is getting to be a deterrent compared to other cuts but we still love them especially when done Santa Maria style. The red oak really does make a difference too.