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Bison Back Ribs

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  • Bison Back Ribs

    I have been sporadically playing with bison back ribs with mixed results. I haven't found too much info on other people doing them so I thought I'd post my results in case it helps someone else out. This is my first post and I hadn't planned on doing it so I didn't take any pictures.Sorry.

    Here's my notes:

    OK, Done these a few times now. This one worked nicely. Flavor of the bison is really nice!
    • Don’t want to cook too long since they get tough and dry. I tried slow for several hours once before and they were dry – I did not foil wrap them then or now.
    • There is a thick grey-skin that comes off easy, which was removed from all. There is another thinner skin that I removed from half of them. That was a bit more work.
    • Wife liked the ones with the grey-skin totally removed better, while I was ok with either.
    • Poured apple cider vinegar over ribs and patted dry. Sprinkled Montreal Steak Seasoning and Strictly Pepper Lover over all – not too much as I don’t want to mask flavor of meat. Let sit about an hour in fridge while I got Joe fired up. Removed from fridge about 30 minutes before cooking.
    • I coated with olive oil before putting them on Joe.
    • This time I cooked over DIRECT heat medium. Turned several times. Maybe about an hour at most total time.
    • When I do them again, I may even cook quicker to make even more tender.

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    Would love to see some pics of these bad boys on the Joe. I may have to try these out.


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      Next time I do them I'll document better what I did and take some pics.