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First Time smoking on the Joe tonight

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  • First Time smoking on the Joe tonight

    Hey all,

    I got a Classic 2 weeks ago at a Costco road show (Thanks Montee). Well, after doing some great hot cooks, tonight (or tomorrow morning early) is the time I fire her up for the maiden voyage in smoking. I am going to do a Brisket and a Pork Butt. Very, very excited for this! I will share some pictures and details about how the smoke goes. Does anyone have any suggestions that they have learned from owning a Joe? Thanks!

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    Keep it simple, allow the grill to stabilize to desired temp before adding meat, cook to temperature as opposed to time, and have fun.


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      More specifically, do not allow the grill to get too hot. If you overshoot your target temp or have too many coals lit, you will basically have problems all day...

      Light it in a maximum of two places and after maybe ten minutes to fifteen (and that may change depending on how windy it is, etc.), close the lid. You do not want an entire bed of coals. The fire is not going to be huge for smoking. Anyway, John Seltzer has videos on this but, I begin closing the vents maybe thirty or so degrees from the target temp. As it gets closer to the temp, close them little further, repeat as necessary...
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        Check out videos #4 and #5


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          Thank you for the tips! The grill ran perfect and the meats came out good. The only thing that I am going to have to watch in the future is cook timing. I had a 14 lb brisket that was finished (actually a little over) in 7 hours. I am not realloy sure why. The temp spiked to 300 at one point but other than that, I had it around 250 - 275. The Joe cooked absolutely great and the bbq was much tastier than any on my electric smoker (duh).