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New 2017 Kamado Joe Model at Costco Roadshows?

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    Has anyone checked for the 2017 models at the ongoing roadshow at the Costco in Atlanta at Brookhaven? This one overlaps the March 1st date so curious if we can find one there or if the best bet is the upcoming one at Perimeter.


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      The Brookhaven COSTCO store does not have the new 2017 models as of twenty minutes ago.

      However, they do have the 20# dual bag package of lump charcoal for $29.99.


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        Spartanburg SC roadshow yesterday - had BigJoe with new hinge and top vent, but large Joe was Classic with old style hinge and top vent. Red only at the roadshow - $779 with all the goods. Rep indicated that new style Classic will be about $200 more at roadshows; to me, the top vent is nice for rain and I'll pick up separately later. The BigJoe was 1450 if I'm not mistaken, so compare that to the old roadshow price for the old model.

        30# bags of lump for $22. Joetisserie was available - I think it was high 180's or so - didn;t buy cause I can get Rotisserie so cheap at the stores!


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          I am in the market for my first Kamado style grill. I will likely go with the Kamado Joe because it has more features for price. I'm not a fan of having to buy everything separately with the Big Green Egg.

          I stopped by the Houston Roadshow yesterday. The Classic, which is the one that I'm interested in, is still the old model. I called a couple local retailers to see how the price compares. One already has the 2017 model and is selling it for $1,199 with stand or $1,099 without. Another store still has the previous model and quoted me $799 for the package that Costco has (minus the plastic cover), but includes setup and delivery. He told me that his cost (not the selling price) will go up $110 with his next order, which I presume will be the 2017 updated model. While I love Costco, I'm thinking of going with my local dealer because of the setup and delivery, and I'll just buy a cover from them or online. Plus, I have to believe that building a relationship with my local dealer will be a good thing in the long run.

          While the price is cut out of the photo, the lump charcoal was $21.99 for a 30 lbs. bag.


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            I quite happily picked up my new Big Joe yesterday at my local Road Show for $1499.00. Wow this thing is heavy! I grabbed 3 bags of their charcoal as well, $21.99/30 lb. They had the Joetisserie for $179. That's on the wish list for sure. I'm looking forward to putting this thing through it's paces.