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Classic Joe vs Classic Joe II

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  • Classic Joe vs Classic Joe II

    I am new here and although I have smoking on BGE for years, want to try a Kamado Joe. Was thinking about getting a Big Joe, but close to 2K
    The local dealer was closed and see they have the Classic Joe outside and wonder if I go with an 18" will the version II be worth the money?

    Also, is it tough to fit a full brisket on the classic?

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    Yes it is tough to fit a full packer on the Classic. How many are going to be cooking for? I know the Big Joe is a large investment but you would never regret the purchase. The main difference between the original and the new versions is the new hinge and the new seal. I feel these improvements are well worth the increased cost for the new version. I have never heard anyone say they wish they had bought a smaller grill.