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Costco Roadshow: disappointment/frustration

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  • Costco Roadshow: disappointment/frustration

    First, let me preface my story: if this is the worst thing that happens to me this week I will be doing just fine :-)

    Drove to Costco this morning (w/ the wife) to 1) purchase a joetisserie for a gift and 2) show the big Joe to the wife/see it in person myself/maybe purchase. Arrived at the store just as it was opening. We wandered around looking for the display and didn't see anything. Asked a Costco employee and it appeared I was speaking a very foreign language. Shit happens, so I called KJ, got someone really helpful on the phone and after a few minutes on hold she let me know the rep had trouble with his flight and would be late but that we would be to the store in about 1 & 1/2 hours. No problem.

    Now this afternoon, pack up the wife, and now the kids and make the 30ish minute drive to Costco. Wander around looking and still come up empty. Found a Costco manager and was told he never made it to the store and they hoped it would happen tomorrow.

    Not frustrated about the first visit, again, it happens. Frustrated that after a call to the mothership I made the trip again only to come up dry. We are now headed out of town and will miss the remainder of the show.

    Again, the world will continue to spin and the sun will come up tomorrow, but this hasn't left the best taste in my mouth.

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    Yes, you have rich ppl problems.


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      Lol... bruh- call Costco next time to make sure he's there. Second, if you were even thinking of buying the Big Joe, I would have left my name with both Costco and KJ stating i was the first one there for the Demo Deal. Anyway, call Costco...