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Stand alone vs Cast Iron Cart & Locking Wheel

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  • Stand alone vs Cast Iron Cart & Locking Wheel

    If I buys a Big Joe 24 with included Iron cart, can I later use it a a stand alone unit where it could be put in/on a specifically designed alternate surface? I see on the web page that stand alone units seem to come with 3 provided grill feet..... can one buy them afterwards?
    Thanking you in advance from Montréal!

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    You can put the "cart version" into a table/stand/etc. later on if you choose. As far as I know, the main differences between a stand-alone version vs the cart version are the stainless steel bands/cap and included feet.

    I'm sure you could order the feet separately if you wanted to, but a lot of people simply put a a slab of stone or something under their grill when putting it into a table so that there is airflow under it and the hot grill doesn't sit on the wood of the table (for example).