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Does kamado joe support customers???

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    Customer service has not been good in my experience. I have a Big Joe that has a cracked base (it's almost cracked in half) along with my firebox being cracked in two places. Firebox, not a big deal but the base is. Its cracked clear through. I filed a claim two weeks ago and Bobby responded pretty quickly. He wanted a measurement for my base and said soon as i provide the measurement they will ship my parts right away.

    Well, two weeks later I havent got a response from them let alone my new parts. I called and the lady really couldnt care less. She looked up my case and saw every picture and email i sent and said that nobody put the order in for the parts.....she said she would but they would have to try to find a base that fits and if not i will have to wait on one to come in at some point that nobody knows. So, I have a $1500 kamado that has been useless to me and may still be for awhile. No apology, no assurance, no nothing. If and when i get a new base i will likely sell it and buy something else from another company. Love my Big Joe but not loving the customer service.