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Cracked Heat Deflector - Where To Get Replacement

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  • Cracked Heat Deflector - Where To Get Replacement

    Hi: After 2+ years of use (Kamado Joe Jr.), opened up half-way through a pork shoulder to add charcoal, and found the heat deflector cracked in half. Contacted Support and have so far gotten zero response. It may be covered, but if Support won't respond - warranty isn't much good, and I can't find the part for sale on the site anywhere - or do you just try and find a similar size pizza stone/deflector from somewhere else? Green Egg???

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    Not sure if heat deflectors is part of
    the warranty. Email and call them until you get a resoponse. I have had warranty issues with hing, firebox, and fire ring. Once they established a work order number things moved fast.


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      Thanks O2 - my first try was using their on-line contact form - directed to Warranty questions - and it seemed to go into a black hole. Sent a 2nd on-line contact form in, this time directed to Tech Support, and immediately got a support number assigned, then a response the next day from Amber Mullins with a request for pictures of both the smoker and the cracked heat deflector. Sent her those back, and inside of an hour she sent an email back with a shipping notice that they shipped me a replacement deflector, no-charge. You are right - once you get a case number/work-order into the system, they respond quickly and provide excellent customer support.


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        I knocked mine over and cracked it. I'd like to know where to get one if anyone knows.


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          I dropped and broke on last year and I couldn't find any place the sold just one. I got my replacement ones from Firecraft I imagine they are available elsewhere also.
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