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2017 Big Joe broken latch

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  • 2017 Big Joe broken latch

    Hey all, First time owner, i purchased from a dealer yesterday, got it home, unboxed, and the latch was snapped in 2 and laying on the floor of the box.

    Internal ceramics and everything else seemed fine. There was a small gouge and a chip on the exterior, and inside the grill itself, there was what appeared to be a small nail head protruding slightly from the ceramic, but I couldn't tell if that was by design.

    Already opened a ticket with KJ Customer service, should I contact dealer as well? Very excited about getting started, but kinda bummed about the latch!

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    Who was your dealer? Who knows, they may be able to obtain a quicker response and you don't lose anything by reaching out to them...


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      As advertised, KJ Customer Support is fantastic..sending me a replacement latch ASAP.