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  • Floppy Joe II

    I bought a Classic Joe II about 3 weeks ago. For the first few cooks, the lid and vent hood behaved well. Now, they've both gone sort of flaccid.

    The vent hood: Clangs open or shut whenever I open and close the lid. I've tightened the hex bolt as far as it can possibly go, but it doesn't make a difference.

    The lid: Initially, it stayed open exactly where I left it, whether that was halfway open or fully open. Now, it closes unless I open it all the way *and* give it a solid push upward. I've tried to adjust it using the procedure outlined in the instruction pamphlet, but this makes almost no difference - the nut can only be tightened about 3/4 of a single rotation (WD-40 makes no difference).


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    Not too many of us have the new joe. I'd call customer support. I'm not sure how the new hood guess together. Can you try adding a washer?